Amazing fun facts about Google

Google is one of the famous and highly growing companies of the world. It was founded in 1998 which has been growing day by day. Google is the search engine where we can search anything that we want to whether it is from studying or from cooking or anything else. So, apart from this Google has some amazing facts. So, in this article we will focus on 5 amazing Google facts. We will talk about the all Google fun facts.

  • Google is acquiring on an average of one company per week which is just amazing.
  • The original name of the Google was given as “BACKRUB” by its founder which simply means searching.
  • Founder’s of the Google didn’t know about HTML that’s why the Google homepage is totally bare.


  • Another amazing fact of Google is that about 90% of its annual income comes from advertising and only 10% from its products.
  • The process rate of Google is almost equal to 20 petabyte which means it produces 1 million of information per day.
  • You can also play different games on Google homepage without downloading them on your computer. You can play super Mario run, snake game and games like PAC man also.
  • Standford university still owns the patent of Google’s algorithm called as page rank which is one of the famous algorithm for Google.
  • Majority of the people in Google are white, male and Asian people. The percentage of white people working in Google has decreased from 59 to 56 while the percentage of Asian people has been increased from 32 to 35.
  • Another fun fact about Google is that it can work without gravity. You simply have to type Google gravity and then click on “I’m feeling lucky” and then the Google’s homepage will go to zero gravity and you can fly everything that you see on that homepage. Everything will go to zero gravity.

SO, Google has made our lives easy and comfortable DO you agree? But along with this it has made us more lazy and careless because now everything is available on Google, we don’t have to go anywhere else. Along with the advantages Google also comes with little disadvantages So, guys this was all about Google’s new amazing fun facts. I hope you like this article. Stay tuned for more articles like this in the coming future.


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